Inflatable World


Hours of bouncy fun to be had by people of all ages


Due to the nature of outdoor events and in the interest of public safety there maybe the requirement to deflate the attractions on the day of the event due to high winds and adverse weather conditions. Conditions will be monitored throughout the day to make sure our guests are safe. We cannot guarantee the conditions on the day but we hope for a nice sunny, summery day for all to enjoy!

Energy Zapper Obstacle Course

Here we have our fantastic brand new 4-piece inflatable obstacle course.... THE ENERGY ZAPPER!

This fantastic inflatable course has a varied selection of obstacles including biff n bash sections, tunnels, wedges, squeezes, slides plus so much more!

This Obstacle Course is one of the largest courses around!

Human Demolition Wrecking Ball

A real test to see who is the ultimate wrecking ball champion and the last one standing! 4 participants stand on our inflatable podiums within the inflatable and try to knock each other off using the giant wrecking ball! A great challenge that will give you and you hours of fun and laughter!

Land Zorbs

The longest queues are always to be found at the Land Zorbs! Hugely popular participants take part by stepping into our Zorbs and rolling around our giant inflatable course.

On the bucket list of many to try, hugely popular in viral videos and popular with adrenaline junkies, why not give it a go yourself!

Attraction typically operates in 5 minute sessions.

Alien nerf wars

Our Alien Themed Combat Arena is a great arena to hold either Nerf Wars games or to be used with our Tactical Laser Combat guns. With over 25 pop ups there are plenty of places to dodge Nerf bullets / laser shots! This inflatable is great as you can start each team from either end of the inflatable. This inflatable has excellent artwork and is very bright in colour so you can be sure that it will draw in plenty of players.

Helter Skelter Inflatable

Brand new for 2016! This themed slide is a fantastic looking inflatable and a perfect centre piece for any event! Users climb to the top of the slide where they then slide down the curved slide all the way to the bottom!

A great inflatable that is guaranteed to provide hours of fun for children of all ages!

GianT Football Stepping Stones

The Giant Football Stepping Stones! Participants must cross from one side of the inflatable to the other, without touching the floor navigating across the giant footballs.

This attraction is fantastic for a wide range of events including family fun days, team building days plus much more! Do you have what it takes to get from one side to the other? 

Large Jungle Slide

Our Large Jungle Slide is one of the biggest slides around – makes a great centre piece for any event.

A striking and impressive inflatable, popular with both the kids and grown ups.

This slide has two sets of steps to climb allowing more children to use the slide at one time!

Jungle Activity Bouncer

This is a fantastic Bouncy Castle Style inflatable that is extremely popular with children young and old. With it’s fantastic Jungle themed artwork, there is so much to play on once inside the inflatable. This inflatable is fully enclosed with safety netting, meaning there is only one entrance and exit at the front of the inflatable. This inflatable also comes complete with a shower roof meaning you can use is it in wet weather, it keeps the rest on the inflatable dry. 

Inflatable Volleyball

The traditional game of Volleyball but on our inflatable court! Teams enter the court to play a 5-aside game of volleyball. Teams are also free to switch players throughout the match.

Who will score the most points? A great twist on the popular sport!